Octavio Revol


Octavio Revol Molina was born in Córdoba, Argentina, on March 5, 1981.
After eleven years of his career on radio broadcasting, he decides to do filmmaking, and in 2014 he founds Cabustra Arts with his partner, Hora French. On that same year, he shoots his first short film “Pampa Round”, who competed in the international selection of short films in the XV edition of Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre’s festival. In 2015 he shoots his second short film named “Chaney”, co-produced and directed by his brother, Gastón Revol Molina, who joins as the third member of the company. “Chaney” wins international prizes in Chile and the USA.

In April and May, 2016, Octavio directs his first film, “Animal Moribus”, and wins the “Best Foreign Movie” prize in LAIFFA (Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards) thus becoming the first Cordobean movie awarded in Hollywood. He has just finished the production of his second film: “Grimorio”.

I wouldn't have become a filmmaker if it wasn´t for terror