The drive-in experience returned to the city of Córdoba! The function was in the parking lot of Córdoba Shopping, where there were around 100 vehicles, and the film chosen was “Animal Moribus”, whose director, Octavio Revol Molina, was also the promoter of the initiative. People entered their cars from 7:30 p.m. to locate the vehicles and around 9:30 p.m. the show began. There were also food stalls in the place to wait for the screening to begin. The film’s audio was heard tuning to an FM in the car and the images were viewed from a giant screen. It had been 32 years since a film in the drive-in format was projected in the city of Córdoba and this extraordinary function marked a milestone since it was the first time that a Cordoba film was screened in this way.

FICCION: from the streets to the museum

The Bogeyman and other characters come together in this monumental work by Horacio French. A contemporary format, closer to a show than to traditional painting.

A powerful art exhibition. The story begins in Córdoba City’s streets, where the Bogeyman kidnaps several characters, which were painted in real life by French, in different neighborhoods of the City.

Using a site-specific project format, “Ficción” is intended and designed exclusively to be exhibited in Caraffa Museum’s rooms.

The exhibition, organized by the architect and set designer Santiago Pérez, is conceived as a journey through labyrinths and caverns. The public contacts with each of these fictitious characters and cartoons stories, which were created by the plastic and graffiti artist Hora French. For French, this exhibition is an opportunity for the viewer to experience something different. “To tell a story, not just bring to the museum the murals he does on the streets.”


The Days of Cabustra Arts